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88 Campgrounds in the Trails $y$tem

North Eastern Zone Campgrounds:

Moody Beach, Wells
Gateway to Cape Cod, Rochester
Sturbridge, Sturbridge
Chestnut Lake, Port Republic
Lake and Shore, Ocean View
Sea Pines, Swainton
Rondout Valley, Accord
Circle M, Lancaster
Gettysburg Farm, Dover
Hershe,y Lebanon
PA Dutch Country, Manheim
Scotrun, Scotrun
Timothy Lake North, East Stroudsburg
Timothy Lake South, East Stroudsburg

South Eastern ZoneCampgrounds:

Hidden Cove, Arley
Orlando, Cermont
Peace River, Wauchula
Three Flags, Wildwood
Forest Lake, Advance
Green Mountain, Lenoir
Lake Gaston, Littleton
Carolina Landing, Fair Play
The Oaks at Point South, Yemsassee
Cherokee Landing, Saulsbury
Natchez Trace, Hohenwald
Bay Landing, Bridgeport
Colorado Rive,r Columbus
Lake Conroe, Willis
Lake Tawakoni, Point
Lake Texoma, Gordonville
Lake Whitney,Whitney
Medina Lake, Lakehills
Chesapeake Bay Gloucester
Harbor View Colonial Beach
Lynchburg Gladys
Virginia Landing Quinby
Williamsburg Williamsburg

Midwestern Zone Campgrounds:

Pine Country, Belvidere
Horseshoe Lakes, Clinton
Indian Lakes, Batesville
Twin Mills, Howe
Diamond Caverns, Park City
Bear Cave, Buchanan
St. Clair, St. Clair
Kenisee Lake, Jefferson
Wilmington, Wilmington
Arrowhead, Wisconsin Dells
Plymouth Rock, Plymouth
Tranquil Timbers, Sturgeon Bay
Yukon Trails, Lyndon Station

If any member of Thousand Trails or an ELS owned property would like to make a public display of their dissatisfaction with their treatment by any of them, send your stories to: thousandtrailssucks@g or equitylifestylepropertiess

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If you are considering buying a membership in, or belong to, any of the above campgrounds, you will want to read this entire site and click on all the links to lean what they are really like. And there are more.

Sam Zell

Thousand Trails Sucks

In 2012, I set up a smilier website called Victory Motorcycles This year, Victory Motorcycles went out of  business, so I shut it down.  This site is devoted to putting Thousand Trails and it’s parent company, Equity Lifestyle out of business.

In a nutshell:  I went to Carolina Landing RV Resort, from Florida, back in September to avoid Hurricane Irma.  Upon arrival I plugged in and a 240-volt electrical charge blew up my bedroom air conditioner and melted many wires from the transfer switch to the fuse box. At first they claimed it wasn't their fault, but after the repair man told them it was, they agreed to pay him for his two hour service call, but only for that one call.  The shop that responded to the call, Happy Camper RV Service, would not do the job because they were not going to be paid for six weeks.  I was told if I put in the claim with the campground, I would be paid for the work and on my way within a couple of weeks.  A few days later, I had Happy Camper come out to work on my rig and paid for another call of 4 hours and for parts ordered.  I had filled out the paperwork and the two weeks had passed, however, Thousand Trails and ELS would come up with all kinds of excuses as to where the money was for this job. After being there for over five weeks without the money for the repairs and the electricity due to the fire, the property manager showed up at my door with the police to kick me out. At first, property manager John Keen said it was for having a home security system, which he said was against the rules. When I told him there was no such rule he said it was a campground rule. When I asked him to produce the rule he said it was his right to do it if he wanted to and he didn't want me there. I was told to leave, at gunpoint, trespassed and thrown out of the campground and TT system ever since. All calls to member services have fallen on deaf ears. I keep asking them what is the status with my membership and they keep telling me it is under review for violation of member rules. But that is not true; I broke no rules.  Even though my membership dues are paid in full until next year and I am in good standing, I have been kept out while they "review" the membership.  Neither the regional, nor the member services manager, will discuss this with me. Not only that, but I found out that the Happy Camper RV Service people I had called, had been trespassed from the property, but allowed to return and that this company charged both myself and Thousand Trails for a broken Automatic Transfer Switch, which was never broken. When I discovered it two months later, it only took 10 seconds to fix.  When I tried to get my money back, they ignored me like the TT management has been and seems that they are going to just steal the money for parts never needed, nor delivered, to me. This entire story can be read by clicking here.

This mean looking SOB above is Sam Zell, the owner of Thousand Trails. The complete story on this guy, and his companies, Equity Group Investments and ELS - Equity Lifestyle Properties, coming soon.

Click here to read the police’s involvement in this conspiracy by Thousand Trails and Equity Lifestyle Properties to breach the contract with me in order to save money.

My membership has been under “review” since October 15, 2017.  That’s another word for “suspended” without them telling me I am suspended or why. Regional manager, Mark KcKeithan, and member services manager, Leslie Blackwell,  have yet informed me as to why I am under review and I call everyday.  I was removed from Carolina landing, at police gunpoint, for no other reason then the excuse, as John said was, “I’m the property manager. I can kick out whoever I want and I don’t want you here.”  I finally reached Mark on Nov.9, all he was interested in was why I returned my parts. Listen here.  This company sucks. They have very poor management skills.

California Hawaiian Mobile Estates
Leslie Blackwell ELS
This is Leslie Blackwell, Member Services Manager for Equity Lifestyle Properties (ELS) She wrote the letter below. She is a single mom, which means her ex wouldn’t put up with her shit any longer and left her.  Now she is trying to kick out members of Thousand Trails because she will do anything for money. You know what they call a woman that will do anything for money, right? She is heartless, gutless and an all around coward. Many of the members of Thousand Trails are Christian; not Leslie Blackwell. She sold her soul to Sam Zell. For more on him click the button in the margin on the left.

Click here to read the story of how the jury awarded  $111,000,000 to the residents of the above  trailer park, probably because Leslie Blackwell wouldn’t answer any of the complaints.

Click on the photo below to enlarge.

Painted Trailer Painted Trailer Letter

Look at the beautiful mural on this trailer. It is at rest at the Thousand Trails Pio Pico Preserve in Jamul, Ca.  You can really tell this owner is one happy camper. Unfortunately, it is open season on members this month, especially if you are full time and owe them nothing but your monthly dues. Click and look at the letter sent to this owner by Leslie Blackwell.  That paint looks intact and in good condition to me. You may want to reconsider joining a membership with this company.  They have very poor management skills and the members are not what they want, they want paying customers.

Soon I will be converting this site to a wordpress site so we can have forum and I can have a blog here.

John Keen Twitter Pic

Click here to listen to the 911 call made by John Keen. I’ll put my polygraph up against his, any day. It’s all lies. And he is hiiiiiigh...

This is John Keen, property manager of  Carolina Landing, in Fair Play, SC. Trust me, he doesn’t play fair. Go to that campground and you risk being tossed out by him because he just doesn’t want you there. This is a man who went to some bible college where he was not even permitted to go to a movie. He works, however, for Satan, the great deceiver. He deceived the police when he bore false witness to the police in order to get me thrown out of my home. Five bucks says he’s a Trump supporter. Sad! He should read the book I wrote on Trump, over 25 years ago.  The fool.

If you see any of these resorts with a link, click on it and you will be brought to a page about that “resort”.

Northwestern Zone Campgrounds:

Cultus Lake, Lindell Beach
Bend/Sunriver, Bend
Pacific City, Cloverdale
Seaside, Seaside
South Jetty, Florence
Whalers Rest, South Beach
Birch Bay, Blaine
Chehalis, Chehalis
Crescent Bar, Quincy
Grandy Creek, Concrete
La Conner, La Conner
Leavenworth, Leavenworth
Little Diamond, Newport
Long Beach, Seaview
Mount Vernon, Bow
Oceana, Ocean City
Paradise, Silver Creek
Thunderbird, Monroe

Southwestern Zone Campgrounds:

Verde Valley, Cottonwood
Idyllwild, Idyllwild
Lake Minden, Nicolaus
Lake of the Springs, Oregon House
Morgan Hill, Morgan Hill
Oakzanita Springs, Descanso
Palm Springs, Palm Desert
Pio Pico, Jamul
Ponderosa, Lotus
Rancho Oso, Santa Barbara
Russian River, Cloverdale
San Benito, Paicines
Snowflower, Emigrant Gap
Soledad Canyon, Acton
Turtle Beach Fish Camp, Manteca
Wilderness Lakes, Menifee
Yosemite Lakes, Groveland
Las Vegas, Las Vegas

They have no idea what I have done, what I am doing and what I can do to them. And if they want to underestimate me...their lose.

I figure this: if former FOX News moron Bill O'Reilly, a lonely millionaire, can pay a girl $32M to save himself some embarrassment, then you billionaires can pay me the same to do the same and save your company from going down.

This site for sale:

$32M Firm

If you ever go to Thousand Trails Orlando, never call Armando Salinas of RV Collision and Restoraton. Very bad man who kidnapped me right before this incident with Carolina Landing. You can read the story of the first three and a half  months here. There will be a similar story about Happy Camper RV Service as well.

If you are with ESL and you keep coming here to see updates, you can give it a rest. I am working on my complaints to the SC State Ethics Comm. to turn in many of the police officers you have on your payroll. That doesn’t mean I haven’t worked on this or am, it just means I have all the time to work on this and I am just focused on other aspects of this case.

These fine URLs coming soon:, www.encorervresortssuck  com,  and

Sort of Homeless
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